New Year’s Swing-olutions: Easy as 1-2-3

By mid-January, you may have already caved on your diet, forgotten to call your mom and been mean to that annoying coworker—your New Year’s Resolutions already swirling down the tube. But thankfully—as decreed by the swing dance gods—it’s still not too late to set some dance resolutions. As with most hobbies—especially underwater basket weaving—the goal … Continue reading

Dancing on a Dime

Sky diving. Celebrity stalking. Fine wine tasting. Cross-country camel riding. What do all of these hobbies have in common? I can’t afford them. However, dutiful readers, did you happen to notice which activity DID NOT grace my oh-so-extensive list up there? That’s right. It’s SWING DANCING. Yay! Despite the sticker shock that can accompany buying … Continue reading

A Lindy Hopper’s Gift Guide

It’s the holiday season, which means you’re probably busy scratching your head, wondering what to buy for all your loved ones. Not sure what to buy that special lindy hopper in your life? Look no further. Check out Swing Out South Florida’s top 5 list of gift ideas which will be sure to satisfy the … Continue reading

Why Anyone can Dance (Seriously, Anyone.)

“I’m not a dancer.” Ugh. It’s one of the most frustrating responses I hear when inviting people to swing dance. Akin to when I ask someone to go to Cedar Point and get “I don’t ride rollercoasters” or when I offer some of my famous homemade bacon and hear “I’m a vegetarian.” Well, contrary to … Continue reading

Monday Night Holiday Bash

Monday Night Holiday Bash

This past Monday we held an awesome holiday party with a live band, delicious food and, as always, great DJed tunes. It was also our biggest crowd yet – 80 people attended the dance! Check out our highlight reel below. If you want to see the full photo story, or you want to download all … Continue reading